A Farmer's Charm
Click Here to View our Photo Gallery 2 acres devoted to growing almost every imagineable fruit, including apples, peaches, pears, plums, apricots, nectarines, figs, and Japanese persimmons.

There are also hazelnut and walnut trees, as well as several varieties of French, Italian and Greek olives, and a multitude of grapes, including red, white, muscadines and bronze scupponongs. Every tree and vine is connected to a network of irrigation lines, with a valve at every tree for easy watering as needed.

Three fully loaded fishponds with automatic feeders also grace this charming farm, as well as a large enclosed animal area with 6 ample sized covered barns, and many pigeons, chickens, ducks and peacocks will happily charm you with their amusing antics. In the equipment shed there are many garden tools that convey with the property, too!