At Creative Native we specialize in handmade creations of 100% natural materials,Egyptian Fattail Sheep including handpicked Egyptian cotton and the wool of native Egyptian Fattail sheep. The wool is hand spun and hand dyed using all natural materials from fascinating native sources. You can learn about this by clicking on the links in the "Visit and Learn" section on the right. Everything that we offer is created with master craftsmanship, designed with appealing native creativity, and executed with loving attention to detail.

Perhaps you are interested in the ancient Sacred Scarabs Kilimsource of mathematical knowlege, expressed in sacred patterns of geometric design. Who better to pass on these patterns, hand woven with exquisite, time consuming care, than the modern descendants of the ancient Egyptians? Or perhaps a primal memory will evoke a satisfied sigh from your lips and you will smile at the charming egyptian scenery, rendered so appealingly on the folk art tapestries with a free spirit by loving hands.

Returning Home to GizaIt is such a treasure to find this lovely combination of creativity, design, color, craftsmanship, and diversity of products! We welcome you to the Creative Native Website, and invite you to visit us often. We are always adding to our offerings as we meet new friends among the families of native craftspeople. It is our honor to support them in this way, and we love to introduce you to them, too.

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